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    I. Submitted by: J. E. Jones, AGPP; Date: March 05, 2001
    II. Programme Code and Registry File Code: RLA/5/045
    III. Visit to: Vienna
    IV. Tasks undertaken for other FAO units: None
    V. Inclusive Travel Dates: January 16-19, 2001
    VI. Co-Travellers: None
    VII. Reason for Travel: To participate in a coordination meeting and to clarify FAO's role in, and support for, regional coordination of programmes for establishing pest free areas in Central America.

    VIII. Recommendations: See report

    IX. Distribution to:

    Duwaryi, AGPD

    VanDerGraaff, AGPP

    Griffin, AGPP

    Sebastiao, RLCA

    Johnson, SLAC

    Pollard, SLAC

    Nowell, AGPP

    AGPP circulation

    AGPP Reg

    Purpose of the mission
    The purpose of the mission was to participate in a coordination meeting and to clarify FAO's role in and support for regional coordination regarding programmes for establishing pest free areas in Central America.
    The meeting was organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency in Vienna, and brought together the major stakeholders including government representatives from the participating countries of Central America, the USDA/APHIS, IICA, USA, MOSCAMED Guatemala and MOSCAMED Mexico (see annex 1). It sought to secure the collaboration and commitment of all participating Member States as well as that of industry and key international organizations working in the projects.
    The meeting considered the various initiatives being undertaken in the region by various organizations. Conscious that some of the participating organizations may have overlapping areas, a Project Co-ordination Group (PCG) was formed in order to make effective use of the limited and specific available resources. The particular strength and/or area of comparative advantage of each partner was identified and factored in the coordination efforts to fulfil the projects' objectives.
    The reporting officer discussed the project TCP/RLA/0172: Establishment of Medfly free areas in Panama, Costa Rica and Belize, which has been approved for implementation. He noted that the project envisaged and provided for such a coordinated approach, and welcomed the foresight and initiative taken by IAEA in this regard.
    The status of Belize was discussed in context of the project objectives. The USDA/APHIS Representative made clear that the USDA had already recognized Belize as Medfly free, and had resumed trade in fresh fruits from that country. He suggested that further interventions in Belize could be directed towards strengthening the national phytosanitary capabilities in order to effectively maintain this pest free status. This situation further strengthens the case for coordination and collaboration within the region.
    The meeting (agenda in annex 2) reached consensus on various aspects of programme coordination as listed below.


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