Chartered Global Management Accountant

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Chartered Global Management Accountant

A leadership tutorial from education innovator Sal Khan

Agility, creativity in demand for finance professionals

Big Data’s big potential threatened by weak governance

Can you succeed in finance without international experience?

CEO pay rises faster than CFO pay

Corporate directors say new regulations aren’t worth the costs

Emerging markets are the cradle of tomorrow’s largest companies

Fed change won’t improve economy, US finance execs say

Five strategies to use analytics for competitive advantage

Five ways to make sure you’re not too Facebook friendly with co-workers

Four questions to ask before re-tooling HR

Hedge accounting simplification proposed in UK

How CEOs seek growth differently across the world

How companies deal with rising global mobility demands

How companies respond to strategic threats in a hyper-connected world

How finance and accounting can boost innovation

How one company implemented a leaner way of thinking

How to develop your personal brand

How to short-circuit negativity, keep morale high

How to use employee engagement surveys to improve business results

IIRC releases International Integrated Reporting Framework

Increased co-operation builds momentum for integrated reporting

Innovation: Five key questions organisations should ask themselves

Leases case study: How J&J prepared a global inventory

Making the most out of meetings

Making uncertainty an asset

Mexico rivalling China in competition for manufacturing jobs

More and more, employees spend off-the-clock time working

More US manufacturers want to bring back production from China

Outlook brightens for middle market US companies

Retention-focused US companies giving “stars” bigger raises

See what’s on CFOs’ most-likely-to-be-outsourced list

Seven key factors short-circuit supply-chain risks

Should you take the blame for things that are not your fault?

Six drivers that determine where investors spend money abroad

Six techniques for building a strategic finance department

Six ways to build employee engagement

Some CFOs say employees don’t understand company’s strategic goals

Strategic planning leads list of finance priorities

The 50 most innovative companies, and the attributes that set them apart

The traits that separate CEOs from other leaders

Three points of emphasis for companies trying to find value in their analytics

Top 20 companies for leadership development

United States and France sign FATCA agreement

US CFOs plan to offer better benefits, more pay to attract top talent

US finance executives show increasing optimism about their companies

US proposes rules to compare pay of CEO, median employee

Why you’re never safe from more work – even after hours

Younger management, older workers and how companies can adapt

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Chartered Global Management Accountant

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